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ant baits are they effective

Insect Baits, Do They Work?

The answer to this is yes and no. The bait does what it is supposed to. Insects grab the bait and take it back to the nest and this aids in eliminating many of the pest insects. But it is not a one treatment solution. Nor is it a one time “set and forget” solution.

Ants, roaches and crickets have their own survival skills. They may limit its introduction into the population. Also, and even more damaging to your anti-pest efforts, is the fact that they may identify this particular bait as poison and learn how to ignore it altogether. This is usually not the case. Don’t expect the ants to eat the baits right away. There is a process that needs to occur. A scout has to find it and then lay a chemical trail with instructions to it. The ants you see at the time of laying the bait are already following previous chemical trails.

A major solution to ineffective baits is to come at the pests from multiple directions. Bait can be one facet of your attack. But using sprays and knowing how to destroy nests is important too. If you are not in the mood to wage war with your pests, consider hiring a professional pest control expert. Not only does he know exactly what to do and has been doing it for years, he will save you time.

Usually an infestation can be relatively mitigated within a few visits. Then it is about maintaining the treatment to prevent re-infestation. Pests are insistent because nature created them that way. They are scavengers and no food energy shall go to waste. That is all fine and good except for the fact that they can breed disease that is harmful to humans.

If you decide to go at it yourself, make sure to check the baits you use to see if they are harmful to pets and children. Professional pest controllers will know how to handle these variable factors.

15 Jan

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