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Irrigation Maintenance Program

Maybe one of Sunstate’s lesser known services, however just as effective as our pest control, is our irrigation maintenance program. There are a number of consequences from keeping and using a faulty irrigation system. Both your home’s appearance and cost of running your home can fall victim without proper care.

One of the biggest direct costs associated with an improperly maintained irrigation system can be seen on your water bill. Damage to a nozzle head such as hitting one while mowing the lawn or one becoming clogged due to normal wear and tear can lead to gallons of water being wasted each time your sprinkler system runs. Taking care of these simple problems will save you money and ensure that your lawn and garden are looking their best.

If you find you have brown areas in certain patches of grass or perhaps flowers and bushes in certain areas of your garden that just don’t seem to thrive, it could be do to over or under watering in that area. If you do have a damaged nozzle, water may be pooling around it, causing the surrounding plants to get saturated. Meanwhile, if the same damaged nozzle is not covering its intended area, then many plants may be under watered. Routine maintenance of your irrigation system will ensure that these issues are taken care of.

You’ve checked your watering system and found all parts to be functional but are still experiencing inexplicable browning or underachieving growth from your lawn and garden. This type of problem could be due to changes in your landscaping. Perhaps some of your bushes have double or tripled in size since your irrigation system was installed or maybe you modified the size of your plant beds. These types of superficial changes can have a big effect on the results of your irrigation. Sunstate experts have the know how to rearrange your sprinkler heads to rectify these types of problems. Finally, different times of the year bring on changes in the amount of natural watering your lawn receives from rain. Sunstate professionals can change the settings on your timers to provide for “optimal hydration”.

All in all, there are many aspects of maintenance Sunstate can provide when it comes to your home irrigation system. Whether it is troubleshooting, testing, repairing, or replacing to name just a few of our services, we will do what we can to keep your lawn and garden looking healthy and beautiful.

04 Oct

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