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Is it a pest or not?

You probably think you know what a pest is.  It’s those annoying mosquitoes, right?  Or maybe it’s the bats that get in the attic.  What about the flies that drive us crazy when we are trying to have a nice meal outside?  Oh, I know, it’s the termites that are eating away at our homes.  All of these can be considered pests.  And in Florida, where the weather is warm and humid, we seem to get more than our fair share of pests.

There are some things to consider before you start taking the pest problem on all by yourself.  The first thing to consider is whether or not that apparent pest is really a pest.  Sure, those bats are driving you crazy.  But did you realize those bats are eating all those mosquitoes that have been keeping you indoors?  Just think about that.  Without those bats, you will have millions more mosquitos to deal with.  Makes you want to think twice about getting rid of the bats.

Spiders are also something that many of us consider a pest.  They really get a bad rap.  They are especially scary looking and that causes them to be added to the popular list of pests.  But looks alone don’t make them a pest.  They actually are making a meal of other insects that drive us crazy.  Beetles, flies and other things that fly around can find their way into that spider web and become a tasty meal for the frightening spider.

Now, this doesn’t mean that all pests have a purpose in life.  Besides being food for bats, I don’t think there are too many beneficial things happening with mosquitos.  And I’m not too sure anyone has found anything good to say about termites.  The only thing to keep in mind is that it might be worth your while to do some research before you decide to start your war against your annoying pest.  Nature has been taking care of itself long before the human race tried to butt in.   People have a way of causing an imbalance in nature by doing away with something that appears to be a problem without realizing the consequences of that action.

When confronting whether or not a pest is really a pest, check with your local pest removal specialists.  These professionals have the knowledge and training to know how to deal with your problem without causing an additional one.

09 Feb

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