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Is Your House a Roach Motel?

Cocoa, Florida is a great place to live. We have it all here; sun, surf, and fun. We have fun attractions and the weather is stellar. Unfortunately, with the good comes the bad. When you combine high temperatures with moisture from the waters that border our peninsula, you create an environment that appeals to many insect pests. Sure, you can find bugs everywhere, but in some regions, like the north, the cold, snowy, icy winters can kill some members of the insect population. We don’t have that luxury. Here, the great temperatures we have all year ‘round that attracts tourists, out-of-state migrants and retirees, are the same thing that draw the pests we want to get rid of.

It’s a problem, we know. Keeping pests like roaches under control seems like a full-time job. You’ve done everything to get rid of the roaches. You store even your pet’s food in containers. You’ve scrubbed every surface. You’ve gotten rid of all of the cardboard in your house and you don’t stack boxes on the floor. You know roaches like dark, moist areas so you have been keeping an eye on those areas and keeping them dry.

You also learned that roaches will crawl through cracks so you have inspected your plumbing and found the areas where the caulk has deteriorated. You’ve now resealed the caulk around the sinks and bathtubs and are confident those pesky pests won’t get back in. Yet they still show up. You’ve sprayed every insecticide you can find but they still come back, or they never left.
Perhaps now you understand why all of your neighbors have regularly scheduled pest control company visiting their homes regularly. They’ve lived here long enough to understand that pests in Florida are a way of life.

Keeping your home spotless and free of clutter and cardboard can certainly reduce the roach population in your home, but an exterminator has tools in his toolbox that you don’t have. They are also licensed to use insecticides that you can’t purchase.

When you call in a professional pest control company, you have a trained professional looking at the problem. Exterminators are trained to spot the signs of the presence of particular insects and species of insects. They are also trained to find the nests of the insects, in other words, they can track down roach central. Once you get your house straight call in the exterminator. Get a clean start for your roach-free house.

27 Jan

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