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Keeping Troublesome Ants Away

In the state of Florida alone, there are over 220 ant species that have documentation of being recognized. Due to the climate of the state, exotic ants have found a way to survive within the state, making up 52 species out of the approximate 220. Because of the climate, Florida is the only state to have such a vibrant fauna of exotic ants.

Having this many species of ants could definitely cause a household and yard infestation in a matter of weeks or months. Being able to control the population in your home is very important, especially for residents of Palm Bay Florida, where the warm ocean helps to keep the ants thriving. If you do not have the time to properly handle an ant problem, contacting a professional is always an option.

Tips to Keep Ants Away

There are thousands of ways that ants can become attracted to the inside of your home. One of the most common ways is having small children or pets, as both of these may create spills or drop crumbs that could potentially feed the thriving ant population. Here are a few tips to help keep ants away from your home.

  1. Clean any type of food or drink spills immediately, as this will eliminate the food source for the ants.
  2. Sweets and fruits attract ants, it is best to keep these types of foods, and beverages containing fruit, in the refrigerator or in a container that is airtight.
  3. When there is a pet in the home and their food and water bowl stays on the floor, this can attract ants inside the home. Feeding the pet and then returning the food to a container that is airtight can eliminate the possibility of attracting or feeding the ant population.
  4. Although some people may not consider this a target, trash cans can definitely attract pests, and ants are just one of many that it can attract. To prevent this from happening, it is ideal to clean out your trash can regularly and give them a full cleaning with a bleach product in order to eliminate the odor and possible food residue left behind.
  5. Pest proof your home by eliminating cracks and gaps around windows and doors. This may include replacing screens that have gaps or rips in them.

Although Florida has an abundance of ant species, everyone has dealt with ants in one way or another. Some may be found in the yard, but not in the house, where other homes may have infestations in their homes and not in their yards. For larger infestations, a licensed exterminator may be needed. Be sure to have one on hand in case the job becomes too large for do-it-yourself methods to be effective.

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