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Keeping Your Vero Beach, Florida Home Pest Free

When you want to keep your Vero Beach, Florida home and everyone in it free from sickness and disease then you need to do everything that you can to make sure that there are no insects in your home. Insects are carriers of germs and flies are especially bad about it.

Luckily you are in control and there are things you can do in order to rid your home of this dangerous, yet seemingly inoculate insect. Today you will find out exactly what those things are.

Vero Beach, Florida is a prime breeding ground for insects that like damp, wet areas. The humidity alone is like an aphrodisiac to them. We can begin to eliminate insects by ridding our yards and homes by removing damp, wet and shady areas. Flies also like plants with large leaves so if you’re troubled by flies it might be time to take a long hard look at your landscaping. Use plants in your yard and garden that prefer sunny, dry conditions and this can help to lessen the problem.

With any type of insect, there are three options. You can kill them, you can repel them, or you can refrain from inviting them in the first place.

Killing insects is often a matter of laying out traps, bait, poison or using harsh insecticide sprays or fumigation. If all else fails you can step on them … but this can be time consuming (and messy!). Most of the time if you have an infestation it can be costly to eliminate the unwelcome visitors.

Do Not Invite Them
You may think that you do not invite them to come and live with you … but you do. If there are any weeds in your Vero Beach, Florida yard then you’ve invite them by providing cover. If you ever have food near doors or open windows where the insects can detect it then you’ve basically rolled out the red carpet to them. Any lights on at night near the outside of your home will attract insects and any small cracks that may be in the sides of your home are doorways are open invitations for these tiny visitors. Seal up your house, trim your weeds and if you aren’t sure what you’re missing contact Sunstate Pest Management – we’ll be happy to inspect your property and offer suggestions to help keep your home insect-free.

You can repel insects from your Vero Beach, Florida home by using DEET, burning citronella candles outside your home in the evenings or by hiring Sunstate Pest Management to regularly treat the exterior of your property to prevent unwanted visitors. How much do we believe in our exterior treatments? If you spot a bug inside your home we’ll come and eliminate it (and any of his or her friends) for free.

Boric acid is also a way to kill and repel things like roaches, spiders and even mice. You must be careful with this poison though, especially if you have small children.

Pest Control
Vero Beach, Florida pest control companies like Sunstate Pest Management get calls on a daily basis for infestation or prevention on any scale. If you call us we’ll treat you like family, promptly coming to inspect your property for signs of infestation. When our pest control professional finishes with his inspection he will give you a report of what he found as well as a plan of attack for taking your home back from the critters. Most of the time, this will include an initial treatment followed by regular inspections and additional treatments as necessary.

Whatever the pest control technician tells you, you are advised to do it unless you want to keep sharing your house with uninvited insects. The old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is true in pest control in Vero Beach, Florida as it is in so many areas. Our treatments come with an ironclad guarantee so you really have nothing to lose…other than the bugs.

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