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Kick the Ticks in Cocoa

Ticks have become a real issue for so many, and when it comes to being in warmer areas with taller grass; they are even more abundant and troublesome. Ticks are nasty, can carry bad diseases and cause an assortment of issues for people and animals that are trying to live around them. We can provide you with some fun facts regarding these little bugs and what you can come to expect from them.

Now it is the season to kick the tick in Cocoa.

• When a female tick is engorged, she is able to lay up to 2,000 eggs or sometimes, even more!
• Keep leaves, mulch, long grass or hay trimmed and mowed and away from the home to ensure that the ticks do not have a breeding ground
• Create a tick barrier when you go outside of the home and into these tall, leafy, grassy areas by tucking your pants into your socks
• The brown dog tick is the most commonly found type of tick inside a household, and these ticks are usually brought inside the home by people or animals that have them stuck to their skin or clothing
• Many, if not all ticks, can transmit viruses and diseases when they bite into their hosts
• Keep all trails and paths throughout the yard and around the home clear of any vegetation, since this can be a great home for ticks and other insects to hide and thrive
• Adult American dog ticks are one of the most common types of ticks in the US, and they are known for having a reddish brown color with a silver or gray marking on the back and upper body. Sometimes these markings can be a bright white

Skip the tick fever this year, and keep an eye out for any ticks that might be lurking around your property. You do not want to worry about not being able to remove them when you see them. By eliminating any areas where they might be able to breed, you’re essentially helping your household in Cocoa keep them out of the house, away from the pets and of course, away from you and your family.

Speak with a professional regarding the ticks in Cocoa that you might be aware of. They can be eliminated through various means that can help the cause. Experts should be the ones handling the situation though, since it is not a DIY project.

05 Aug

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