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Learning Some Facts About the Zika Virus

When it comes to being safe in Cocoa Beach, you want to ensure that you’re fully prepared and aware of the dangers that many of the mosquitoes in the area are able to bring with them. When you fully remove them from the equation though, you’re much happier spending time outside and allowing them to roam freely somewhere else.

Keep your backyard beach cookouts in full swing this summer, but eliminate the mosquitoes, and diseases, from the area. Here are some quick tips regarding the Zika Virus that you should be aware of for this year.

Quick Facts on the Zika Virus

• Always use an insect repellent that contains DEET, since this ensures that the bugs will not bite you
• Wear protective clothing whenever you’re out and about covering your legs, arms and other areas of the body
• Prevent the mosquitoes from breeding in the areas around your home by removing any standing water. This includes old tires, buckets, barrels, bird baths, gutters and anything else that might be able to hold the water inside it for a period of time
• Symptoms that come from the Zika Virus include pink eye, rash, muscle aches and sometimes fever
• Any pregnant women that have been around mosquitoes should contact their healthcare provider, since sometimes there are no symptoms that come from contracting the virus
• There is an even greater risk to the mother and the unborn child if the mother contracts the virus within the first trimester of pregnancy
• Some pregnant women that are infected with the virus may give birth to a baby that has microcephaly, a disorder that can lead to babies with smaller sized heads and brain damage
• In adults, the virus is prone to leading to Guillain-Barre Syndrome, which is a neurological disorder that leads to autoimmune diseases, paralysis and death
• Mosquitoes that carry this virus are not far off insects, and often times will find themselves living right around the homes that we live in. This is why taking extra precaution in your area is essential

Speaking with a professional that can remove a lot of these mosquitoes from the area, if you live in an area with a lot of them, is essential. You want to cut down on the population and ensure that you’re protecting yourself, your home and your family in Cocoa Beach during these next summer months coming up.

08 Aug

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