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Pests in garden

Less Roadkill Means More Garden Pests

A side effect of much less automobile traffic is that there have been less animals hit by them on the roads. This number is actually significant enough that homeowners are reporting an uptick in home and garden pests nationwide.

The phenomenon is especially being noticed up and down the east coast and even written about by a news outlet in Washington D.C.

The pests we mention aren’t just the groundhogs, squirrels and other mini-creatures that may dig into your vegetable garden. Deer are animals that will stop by your home and eat your beautiful flowers if they have a chance. Usually they do so at the crack of dawn before you are even awake.

There are videos online of animals taking back the cities, freely roaming around downtown areas without any cars in which to compete. It reminds me of that show “Life After People” that was on the History channel years ago.

How to Stop Them

If you have a precious vegetable or flower garden, you may want to enclose it in wire. This will protect them from hungry critters for sure.

Planting smelly plants like Rosemary, garlic, and lavender can repel certain pests from your garden.

You can surround your yard with a fence. This will mostly keep out the larger pests. Many home in your standard Brevard County neighborhood are already fenced. But if the fence is broken down or has huge gaps in it, it will be largely ineffective.

Finally, Keep an Eye Out. When you see a large pest, scare it away. If this happens enough, perhaps the pest will bother your yard any more. But don’t count on it.

As far as small lawn pests and bugs go, Sunstate Pest can help you out with these. Your yard can be treated to repel bugs and small garden pests. Please just give us a call to learn more. 1-800-781-PEST (7378)

27 Apr

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