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Local Kissimmee business featured in USA today

Out of all the souvenir shops in all the world, USA Today decided to feature one of our own as one of the ten best places to buy souvenirs.  Known sometimes as the “world’s largest orange”, Eli’s Orange World made the cut at spot number seven.

Local residents know this place very well, but for those who aren’t quite familiar with it; Eli’s Orange World is housed in a building that’s shaped like a giant orange.  Well – as one comical patron noted – it’s really only half the orange.  The top half.  Of course.  And if you happen to pass by at night, you still won’t miss it.  It’s lit up at night with giant neon lights.  The orange colored ones.  Of course.

Located at 5395 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, the shop doesn’t just provide an interesting view for those passing by; they sell locally grown and freshly harvested citrus fruits, candies, and all kinds of citrus-themed products.  Other product offerings include jams, jellies, juices, honey, chocolate, spreads, perfumes, jerky, t-shirts and even small palm trees.  If you’re a tourist and really want that case of grapefruit to take home to the northern states, but don’t know how to get it on the plane, Eli’s Orange World is happy to package and ship the box home for you.

Reviews state that if you only stop in and purchase one thing that it has to be the locally-grown and freshly squeezed orange juice.

This isn’t the first time Eli’s Orange World has received national attention. They’ve also been featured in a 2004 PBS documentary titled “Program About Unusual Buildings & Other Roadside Stuff” and appeared in the movie “Marvin’s Room”.

While you’re in the area…….

If you stop and spend a little bit of time in the giant orange dome, you might as well head to a few other interesting local attractions.

* The giant golf ball.  Located at 2845 Florida Plaza Boulevard, this huge yellow golf ball on a giant purple tee is used as advertisement for a miniature golf course.  It may not be worthy of a lot of time, but it should be worth a quick picture to show you’ve been there and seen that.

* The lobster car.  This one is sometimes parked on Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, but if not there, look around as you might just happen to see it on the road next to you. This car used to be a traditional Volkswagen bug, but has been modified.  Basically – a giant fiberglass red lobster has been attached to the hood.  The lobster car is used as an advertisement for the Boston Lobsterfeast Restaurant located in – nope – not Boston, but right here in Kissimmee.  Also worthy of a picture.

* Bigfoot Truck #7. Just like the description notes, this is a Bigfoot truck with 12’ Diameter tires.  It is used to advertise for Fun Spot USA located on Florida Plaza Boulevard.  This truck was featured in the movie “Tango and Cash” after being built for the movie “Roadhouse.” Stop by and take a selfie next to the massive tires just to amuse and amaze all your friends.

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