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Map of Lone Star Tick

Lone Star Tick in Florida Causes Meat Allergy

You may have heard something about people developing an allergy to meat after getting bit by a tick. Perhaps some people reading this think it is malarkey. Unfortunately, I am here today to tell you otherwise. The meat allergy caused by a tick bite is real. In this article I will go over what the allergy is and which tick will most likely be carrying the disease that causes it.

You have probably heard about diseases that can be carried by ticks. There is the Rocky Mountain spotted fever, a very serious disease that can end in death. There is Lyme disease which can cause sufferers to become severely disabled. But now you can develop an allergy to meat from a tick bite too. This happens when the tick transmits a sugar molecule called alpha-gal into the body. This produces a reaction in some people which causes their immune system to later identify red meat as a foreign body.

The tick most associated with the alpha-gal molecule is the Lone-Star Tick. It is a tick that covers much of the east coast Unites States and is definitely present in Florida ( For map of area click here ). It is important to check yourself after a trek through the woods or any high-grass area. The nymphs (baby ticks) will grab hold and they are hard to see with the naked eye. Do a thorough check and especially check areas covered by hair or crevices of the body.

If you suffer a tick bite and start to become ill, schedule a Doctors appointment right away. The sooner you can identify what is going on with your body, the better you chances of mitigating the damage becomes.

There are tick repellents on the market so if you are someone that is in the woods or trails a great deal it may be worth checking out.

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29 Oct

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