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Mayfly Infestation Problems

Mayflies are not related to any true flies, such as a housefly. True flies have one set of wings, whereas, mayflies have two pairs. There are several species of mayflies. These slender insects are sometimes small at only 1 mm while others are up to 30 mm. Color varies in mayflies’ species, with most having a dark body. The mayflies’ wings tend to be pale, with some gray, yellow, or clear. While resting, their wings are above their body and together. These insects are aquatic.

Mayflies Diet, Behavior, Reproduction, and Habits
Mayflies are also referred to as lake flies and shadflies. In addition to water, mayflies are attracted to light. Individuals who gather at night close to doorways of businesses and homes find these insects to be a nuisance. In some cases, mayflies gather in substantial numbers. Mayflies are from the insect order Ephemeroptera.

The lifespan of an adult mayfly is short. After mating, male mayflies die. Once the female lays their eggs, they die off as well. Mayflies shed their skin and their body dry out and easily crumbles.

Female mayflies lay their eggs in water. Clean, fresh water is preferred. When mayfly eggs are hatched, the nymphs (immature insects) live close to the bottom. Organic material is a nymph’s food source. Other insects and fish eat these immature insects. Nymphs leave the water once they mature. The next day or two is spent drying and shedding their skin. These mayflies then continue the cycle of mating and laying eggs.

Indication of a Mayfly Infestation
A great attraction for mayflies is light. Vast numbers of mayflies gather around commercial building and homes. The first step in managing mayfly problems is to make the home or building less appealing to the mayfly population. Change white bulbs on porch lights with yellow bulbs. Lights attached to the outside of a building as well as porch lights may possibly need moving to a different location away from the building. Light shining from windows during the night attracting mayflies may need to be reduced. If possible, attract mayflies away from commercial buildings or homes by utilizing insect light traps containing a UV light.

Addition Mayfly Information
The majority of individuals want to prevent mayflies from entering a commercial building or home. Identify any opening outside of the building that may allow these insects to enter. Be sure exterior doors close tightly.

It is recommended to contact a pest control professional if you suspect a mayfly infestation. An experienced expert can advise you on pest-proofing and other precautions to take to remedy the situation.

If you are having pest problems in St. Cloud or anywhere in Brevard County please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to come by and give you an estimate to take care of the pest problem.

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