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Mice in Indiatlantic, Florida

Mice are never a good thing to be running around in your house. They chew holes in important structure, insulation and even personal items and they carry and spread germs. Additionally they leave little mouse droppings everywhere which is not only disgusting … it’s unhealthy as particles from their droppings can become airborne and affect air quality in your home. There are mice everywhere…even in pristine Indiatlantic, Florida. 

There are a great many ways to get rid of mice…some more humane than others.  This is what we will talk about here today.


Of course the most common technique to get rid of mice is mouse traps. These are pretty easy to use and they are also more humane than some of the other treatments. The thing to remember with mouse traps is that if you’re squeamish about disposing of the bodies … then this is not the way to go. You will have bodies to dispose of if you use traps.

If you do use mouse traps you can use cheese for bait but peanut butter often is a better choice.  Peanut butter will stick to the trap so that the mice will have a more difficult time of getting away without springing the trap, making it an effective pest control technique.

There is also a different type of trap that is readily available in Indiatlantic, Florida. That is a glue pad. These are little black trays that are filled with some sort of sticky material.  When the mice run across these (or try to) their feet and any other part of them that touches the sticky material will be instantly stuck tight to the trap. Mice need to move to keep warm and if they are stuck to this trap they will freeze to death. This trap also works great for spiders, roaches, and even lizards and snakes.


Poison is a bit less humane in that it causes the mice to suffer before dying. It also is not advised for uses in houses where there are small children or even pets.  It will have adverse effects on any child or pet that comes in contact with it and may even lead to death.

Another issue with the poison is this: if you do not know where the mouse is living in your house and he eats the poison before going back to his spot and then dies in his hole, how will you know where to get the body?  You must get the body or your house will start to smell of decomposing mouse.

Pest Control

This option is by far the best choice.  Any Sunstate or any reputable pest control company in the Indiatlantic, Florida area can easily rid your domicile of mice.  All that you have to do is call them and set up an appointment for inspection.  Pest control technicians are better equipped to handle both finding the nest and eradicating the mice from your house than you are.  They do this every day and are familiar with the sorts of conditions that the mice look for to build their homes in.

The Bottom Line

If you live in Indiatlantic, Florida and you are having problems with mice, then do the smart thing and call one of the pest control companies to come take care of your problem before they multiply.

16 Jan

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