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Moles vs Voles

Moles or Voles – Which Do I Have?

For many homeowners there can be a mystery surrounding which pest it is digging up your yard. We have seen homeowners automatically call their burrowing pest a mole or a vole without actually knowing the difference between the two. In the homeowner’s mind, they don’t care what its called they just want it gone. And we can definitely respect that.

If you have seen the animal which is tearing up your yard then you will know the difference after I explain it like this: Moles = ugly snouted creatures. Voles = look more like traditional rodent,. ie. mouse or rat.

Both animals dig their way through the soil but they are looking for different things. Moles are eating earthworms, grubs and beetles. Voles are more interested in roots, bulbs and bark. Voles are herbivores whereas moles are predatory in nature.

How to Repel

There are electric sonic repellants on the market. These devices emit an sound which is highly annoying to the animal. They are activated with a movement sensor. There are mixed reviews as to whether they work or not.

There are baits which can be used to lure these animals out from their network of tunnels. Then a trap can be used to remove them. It can take days or even weeks to remove these rodents. So, your pest specialist will check them every few days. They will then release them way out in the woods.

Moles hate the smell of certain flowers. Marigolds, daffodils, or anything from the allium family can help repel them from your yard or garden.

If you keep a tidy yard, remove food sources and your marigolds aren’t doing the trick, it may be time to move to the bait and trap stage. There are DIY options in this realm but you can also hire a professional pest agent.


17 Oct

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