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More Springtime Pest Tips

It’s almost April here in sunny central Florida. The weather is heating up and the spring showers are right around the corner. For pests, the heat and moisture are triggers to start eating and reproducing. This article will discuss some things you can do to minimize your risk of pest infestation.

Basically what we are talking about here is spring cleaning. But, this version of spring cleaning has pests in mind. Let’s start in your kitchen. Of course you already know to sweep and mop real well to remove potential pest foods. But you also need to go into your cabinets and cupboards and remove old spices, spilled rice grains, and any items out of date. Pull out the shelf paper and replace or clean it vigorously. Cabinets are favorite places for ants, beetles and moths.

Around and under the sink are attractive places for roaches and silverfish. This goes for the bathroom too. Clean out under the sink and make sure there are no leaks. Bugs, like us, need water to survive.

In Florida we don’t worry much about problems associated with having a basement. But, underneath your house can still be a haven for pests, rodents and reptiles. It is a good idea to seal off any potential access points. All creatures like to have a space they can call their own and beneath your house is a favorite for bugs and critters.

Your rooftop and eaves may be attractive to bugs and wasps. Remove and replace damaged or worn out shingles and repair damage to the edges of the roof. Without fail this summer you will experience some wasp activity if you have an overhang. You can usually get rid of that with a can of wasp spray. Wait until night-time when they are all at home and sleeping in the nest to reduce risk of injury.

If you are facing a troublesome pest issue feel free to contact us and we will send a specialist out right away to ascertain the problem.

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