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Mosquitoes at High Levels

The large amount of rain caused by Hurricane Irma as well as about a dozen other rain storms in the last month have resulted in a very large outbreak of mosquitoes here in Brevard County Florida. As you may know, mosquitoes lay their eggs in pools of sitting water. After any rainstorm, tiny pools of water can be found all over the place. Old tires in the yard, clogged gutters, empty plant pots, you name it and mosquitoes can lay their eggs there.

Gestation Periods

A mosquito egg only needs 24-48 hours to turn into larvae. After the larvae stage the mosquito needs just seven to ten days to mature and begin flight. The mosquitoes take on either a male or a female sex.  The females are the ones that bite humans and use the blood to furnish nutrition to their eggs. The male mosquitoes eat nectar from plants only.


Throughout history the mosquito has played a large role in spreading disease and death to human beings. Humans have long been afflicted with diseases like yellow fever and malaria after having contracted them from the bite of a mosquito. And now, the Zika virus is known to be carried by these blood sucking insects.

What is Being Done Locally

When contacted about the high levels of mosquitoes recently, Chris Richmond, Brevard County Mosquito Control operations manager, stated: “We attempted all the possible preventative measures but the unusual rains during the daylight hours, and other factors outside of our control, have hindered pre-hatch and larval control efforts.”. Mosquito treatment by truck or air cannot occur if it is raining, or if winds exceed 10 to 15 mph.

What You Can Do

First and most important make sure there are no vessels around your home with collected water in them. Dump them out immediately. Stay in a screened in area as often as possible. Use bug spray if you have to work in the yard. And finally, consider calling us.

Sunstate Pest Management offers a way to reduce the amount of flying insects and mosquitoes around your home. Our services include spot treatments for specific instances or monthly treatments for continued protection. All of our treatments are environmentally friendly and safe for you and your family.

17 Oct

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