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Hoe mosquitoes see people

Mosquitoes Attracted to People With Higher Metabolism

We have written many articles about the dreaded insect pest called the mosquito. We have gone over how it is the single deadliest living creature in history. We have studied how scientists are engineering ways to prevent the mosquito from reproducing as much as it does. Now let’s take a look at what makes you so attractive to these biting bugs.

Colors of the Light Spectrum

We have gone on record to discuss how certain colors have been shown to attract mosquitoes. In a previous article we discussed how they are attracted to red, orange, black and cyan, but they ignore other colors, such as green, purple, blue and white. Mosquitoes also see things in a “heat map” sort-of-way. Think about it like how “The Predator” from that movie series sees people. Warm objects give off heat and the mosquito senses that. This information helps narrow down where she (only female mosquitos bite) should be looking.


There is new evidence from studies which shows that some people attract mosquitoes much more than others. If you have ever been outside at a BBQ cookout in the summer you know this to be true. Whether it is you that is being attacked, or you that they mostly leave alone, you know that this dichotomy does exist.

A more active person has a higher metabolism and therefore processes more carbon dioxide. Also, they are likely to be in better physical shape and that means blood is closer to the surface of their skin and not hidden behind body fat. These rules also go for a person who genetically has higher metabolism. Mosquitoes prefer humans with higher metabolism.

Other Cues

OK, so the mosquitoes sees colors and detects carbon dioxide. Is there anything else? Yes. In what scientists label as “secondary ques”, the mosquito can detect everything from lactic acid to ammonia to fatty acids. All of these secondary cues helps steer the mosquito in the right direction and not to some car exhaust pipe which is pumping out carbon dioxide.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages may also increase your odds of getting swarmed by mosquitoes. The faster breathing associated with alcohol consumption is like a neon light apparently. That is probably why you get attacked at that holiday BBQ we mentioned earlier.


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