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Most Common Bugs in Florida Part 1

If you live in Florida you already know we have a large selection of bug species. Some people come to Brevard as tourists and are truly amazed with all the different types of bugs that we have. It is no wonder why the bugs love it here with temperatures that are warm most of the year and highs that never average below 70 degrees any month.

This article is part one in a series about bugs commonly found in this area. Some of these bugs are pests for homeowners and residents while others may not be as big of a nuisance.

Florida has at least 12,500 species of insect. Many of them are considered an “invasive species” in that they were introduced here relatively recently by traveling humans. They are not good for the established ecosystem and can cause havoc to existing life.

Palmetto Bug

#1 on our list is the infamous Palmetto Bug. This is basically a cockroach with wings, aka every northerners worst nightmare. They primarily eat plant life but can become annoying to people if they decide to set up shop around your home.

Yellow Fly

Yellow Flies are quite the nuisance. They are fast, small and can bite. The females need blood to develop their eggs and will gladly take some from you if you happen to be around.

Fire Ants

Yeah, the name says it all. These guys are red for a reason. They are native to South America but have become common here. They bite you when disturbed and many bites at once can be life threatening, especially to small humans.

Formosan Termite

This invasive species got here around the time Reagan was gearing up his Presidency (1980). They are originally from Asia and are often referred to as “super termite” because of their destructive power.

Southern Mole Cricket

This little bugger is an invasive species also. It hails from South America and can be found chewing up lawns all over Florida. Professional treatment is recommended to fully get rid of this annoying pest.

Stay tuned for our next article which will continue the theme of the most common insects in Florida. We won’t do all 12,500 species but we will pick the top 20-25 of them to showcase for our readers.

12 Feb

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