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Most Common Bugs in Florida Part 2

This is part two in our current blog series “Most Common Pests in Florida”. Many people automatically think of mosquitoes and ants when they think of pests in Florida. But, there are actually species names for the most common and most annoying.

So, sit back, refill your iced tea and enjoy the next round of most common pests in Florida.

Yellow Fever Mosquito

This annoying bugger is native to Africa and is an invasive species. Yellow fever used to mean you could die from a mosquito bite until a vaccine was developed in 1937. This fact doesn’t make it any less pleasant to be bitten by one of these things.

Eastern Carpenter Bee

Often mistaken for a bumble bee because of the size, the Eastern Carpenter Bee burrows in the ground and the female variety can sting. They are considered an annoying pest and do not play well with humans.

American Dog Tick

This is one of the ticks that affects most of southern America. It is a common disease-spreading tick.

Brown Recluse Spider

Everyone knows what this thing is by now. It’s natural area of habitat cuts off north of Brevard County but that does not mean we do not see them from time to time. The bites are highly toxic. As its name suggests, they don’t like to be around humans and therefore bite incident rates are very low.

Hieroglyphic Cicada

More annoying that anything else. Thes bugs eat tree sap and if you are in a wooded area you know all too well the noise these bugs are capable of producing.

Florida Carpenter Ant

This is a large ant that can bite. They are often found around soft decomposing wooded areas. More on how to spot Carpenter Ant infestation.

17 Feb

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