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Melbourne Florida

Most Common Pests in Melbourne Florida

Melbourne is the largest city in Brevard County. Its area encompasses the areas known as West Melbourne, Melbourne proper and the area known as Eau Gallie, which used to be its on town until it merged with Melbourne in 1969.

The city sits right on the Indian River to the east and has many smaller bodies of water including a large lake (Lake Washington). The average high temperature is 70+ degrees all year long. People love living in an area where they rarely have to worry about freezing temperatures. Unfortunately for them, pests also really enjoy it too and for those same reasons.

Sunstate Pest has been servicing the Melbourne area of Brevard County since 1980. We have hundreds of thousands of treatments under our belt. In this article we will list the pests we have to deal with most often.

#4 – Ants

Ants seem to be innocuous enough when you don’t have an ant problem. But once they start invading your home brother look out. They will come in from all angles and even learn to operate when you and your family are asleep. They are very smart and have been living on Earth for roughly 150 million years. We attack the ant problem at its source and we treat the entire area to prevent re-infestation.

#3 – Fleas

These little monsters like to hitch a ride on pets. And once they start reproducing, they emerge as a full grown nuisance quite rapidly. Fleas are a parasitic creature that need warm blood to survive. That means your family and pets are at risk of being attacked regularly. We specialize in treating the existing flea problem and then preventing their return.

#2 Termites

This insect is very common in Melbourne Florida. Termites ravage wood and organic material in the woods, scrub and yes even on homes. They get into the wooden structures in your home and slowly eat away at it. By the time you know they are there, it is possible they have already wrecked your building. Prevention is the number one method for battling termites.

#1 Roaches

Of course, could it be any other? The roach is one of natures toughest and most persistent pests. They can live in extreme environments and they multiply by the thousands. They are crafty and can learn your schedule to stay hidden until you go to bed. That’s why many people see roaches at night when they flick a light on. That roach knew that you were slumbering and wanted to take advantage of the time provided in order to eat all the morsels they can find. They drink water from under your sink, refrigerator drip pan and yes, even your tooth brush. That’s why it is important to treat your home with preventative measures.

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