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Natural Ant Repellent

Ants are a topic we cover often. In Florida, ants are a major pest. They are very aggressive and want what you have, namely: food, water & shelter.

August is prime ant season. From August into the fall months, ants are looking to store as much energy as possible for the natural slow down that occurs with the slight change of seasons. Even though it doesn’t really freeze in Florida, the ants have their yearly schedule. They are much more dormant in winter months.

Even if you keep a very clean house, you will see the ant scouts looking for food and water. And if you drop any morsel on the ground or counter they will be on it in just minutes.

In previous articles we gave some tips for natural ant repellents. In this article, we will put all of those together in this one place.

Vinegar & Water – Ants hate vinegar. You can create a solution of white vinegar and water (50/50) in a spray bottle and use for ants. For some ants it will kill on contact. But the idea is to lay down an invisible barrier. After you have cleaned your house real well, spray this solution around the windows and doors. It may smell funny for a while but once it has dissipated, there will be an invisible vinegar line left that ants will hesitate to cross.

Baby Power & Water – This solution works just like the one above as a preventative measure. Add several teaspoons of baby powder to water. Clean out all your cabinets and wipe them down. Then spray this baby powder solution. After it is dry, you can return your items.

Borax – Also known as sodium borate, is a household cleaning agent. There are various ways to kill ants and keep them from coming back using Borax. See this video for instructions.


These are some solid ways to prevent ants from invading your home. Now is the time to take steps. If you feel overwhelmed or the measures above are not working, call your professional pest control agent today.

04 Aug

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