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What would you do if you noticed mice in your home?  For many of us, it is cruel to use conventional mouse traps that snap shut breaking the mouse’s back or sticky traps that, make sure that the mouse is stuck and will starve to death.  We don’t want them in our homes, but we don’t want to kill them either.  So, we look for a more humane, natural way to get rid of them.  Perhaps for mice, you could put moth balls around.  Mice are supposed to be repelled by the smell.  Getting a cat or two can be another natural way to keep a mouse infestation at bay.  Sure, they may get caught by the cat, but that’s nature, right?

As you think about all the different kinds of pests in Florida, you may wonder what kinds of natural pest control there is for other types of pests.  How about mosquitos?  Lighting citronella oil and candles will repel them. Burning sage repels them as well.  Keeping standing water at a minimum will also help keep mosquitos away.  If you have a pond, make sure you have a pump to circulate the water.  And if you can’t stop them, stay away from them.  Screens and mosquito netting are very effective.  If you don’t mind bats, installing a bat house on the side of a garage or home can house bats that will eat up to 1,000 mosquitos in just an hour!

To keep flies away, put herbal sachets around.  Mint, eucalyptus and clove are things that flies do not like.  There is flypaper that will capture them as well, but it is messy.  Speaking of pests that hate mint, spiders hate peppermint.  By putting some mint oil in a spray bottle with water you can spray an area of your home where you notice spiders making themselves at home.  I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely doing this!

A homemade insect repellent that is handy to keep in the home is a spray bottle filled with 8oz of witch hazel, apple cider or vodka; 15 drops of oil (lemon or orange) and 45 drops of peppermint oil.  Spraying this around baseboards and in dark, damp places in your home will keep pests away.  Keep in mind to seal up any areas where pests are entering your home.  Repair holes in screens and cracks in your foundation.  Following these tips can keep your home pest free.

16 Nov

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