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Pest problems in Central Florida increase in springs months

Pest Activity Increases in Central Florida During April-May

The warm and humid environment of Central Florida offers the ideal breeding habitat for pests, and the months of April and May see a rise in the bugs’ overall activity level. Insects such as ants, termites, and mosquitoes are pests that may destroy property and put people and their pets in danger of contracting diseases. 

This article covers the most prevalent pest problems in Central Florida during springtime and how their activity may be prevented and managed.


Ants are a typical nuisance throughout the year in Central Florida, but you’ll notice a significant uptick in their activity during the springtime. Ants are becoming busier due to the higher temperatures and the increasing rains as they seek food and water. They may enter homes and workplaces via the tiniest holes and crevices and follow meals high in sugar and grease. Ant infestations may be difficult to manage, but professional pest control services can give treatments specifically tailored to the problem and advise on how to avoid such problems in the future.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are becoming more of a nuisance in Central Florida, and their activity tends to peak during the spring months. This is because more people go out of town during this time of year, returning bed bugs. These parasites get nourishment from the blood of humans and induce itchy bites and allergic responses. Bed bugs can sneak into houses via contaminated furniture or baggage, and once inside, they may swiftly spread across an entire structure. 

Blood stains on sheets and mattresses, as well as tiny rust-colored patches on bedding and furnishings, are signs that an infestation of bed bugs may be present. However, we can eliminate their proliferation stopped with the use of specialized treatments available from firms that specialize in the management of pests.


The activity of cockroaches, a regular nuisance in Central Florida, tends to pick up during the warm springtime. Some persons may have symptoms of asthma and allergies if these pests are present in their environment. Cockroaches can get into houses via tiny cracks and fissures and are often drawn to places with food and moisture. Cockroach droppings, egg cases, and a musty stench may identify cockroach infestations. Pest control services provided by professionals may give individualized treatments and tips for preventing future infestations.


In addition to being a nuisance pest, mosquitoes are a potential source of disease transmission, including the Zika or West Nile virus. Due to the warm and humid atmosphere, mosquitoes are present throughout the year in Central Florida; however, during the spring months, there is a noticeable rise in the number of mosquito bites. In addition, they can reproduce in standing water

Therefore, it is vital to eliminate any stagnant water sources around the property, such as bird baths and gutters. They are also attracted to dark, damp areas. Mosquito control is a service that professional pest control firms may provide. These services include remedies and advice on how to prevent mosquitoes from reproducing.


The danger posed by termites is severe in Central Florida, and this time of year sees an uptick in the insects’ activity level. Termites may cause significant damage to wooden buildings, furniture, and other goods made of wood, and the harm they produce is sometimes only discovered once it has become severe. 

The presence of mud tubes along walls or foundations, wood that resounds hollow when tapped, and discarded wings close to windows and doors indicate that termites may be present. Regular termite inspections and treatments provided by a professional pest control company may help prevent termite outbreaks and reduce the impact of any damage already done.

Advice on Avoiding Issues

In Central Florida, preventing insect infestations is essential throughout the spring. Some advice on how to keep pests at bay:

  • Maintain a clean, clutter-free home.
  • Get rid of any pools of water or other damp spots.
  • Close up the shallow holes and cracks in your house.
  • Install window and door screens.
  • Keep perishables in sealed containers and immediately clean up any spills.


In the spring, pest activity in Central Florida rises, so avoiding and managing infestations is crucial. Knowing what pests are prevalent in your region and taking preventative measures may help keep unwanted guests out of your house and away from your family’s health and safety.


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