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rat problem in Palm Bay?

Pest Control for All of Your Rodent Problems

Do you have a household under constant attack from mice and rats? Confused what to do about the issue at hand? Well, here are some answers for you!

Put Away the Food

A big reason mice and rodents come into your house is because you have food. Step one is making sure that all your food is unable to be accessed. If you have anything that can be chewed through, you need to change it to a stronger container. If you have a garbage bin with no lid, acquire one immediately! This is an easy access source that rodents love to get into. If you have bins outside, do the same. If you have any pets make sure their food is put away if they are not using it.

This also goes for bird feeders. Often times mice will go after the food in the feeder, but they don’t always need to climb up to get it. If there is any spillage onto the ground mice will scavenge for their food there. Temporary removal of the bird feeder may be required if the issue resolves itself, but leaving it up is just inviting problems.

Clean, clean, clean! If you make food, clean it up. Any spills, messes or scraps on the ground are all problems waiting to happen. If you see any sort of food out take care of it.

Just as humans need food and water so do rodents. If you have anything that is leaking or dripping make sure to take care of it and have it fixed. This will not only save you money in the long run, but it will also give the rodents one less reason to hang around.

Fortify the Home You Live in

Look at every nook and cranny. If there is any sort of opening in the walls or windows you are giving the rodents an easy access point. Look around your house as well, see if there is anything put up against the wall. This is an easy ladder for rodents.

Also, if you have any plants growing up your house like ivy or some bushes take them away from your house. These actually double as rodent ladders. Also make sure they have nothing to build a home within your home. Look for any papers or clothes just piled up. These are nice areas for rodents to make nest in, so be sure to keep everything put away.

Call our Palm Bay, FL office and speak with a professional that is able to provide you with even more help ridding your home of those pests. Don’t let them keep you up any longer!

12 Oct

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