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Pest Control in Melbourne, Florida

“The Harbor City,” as Melbourne, Florida is often called, is a beautiful coastal home to nearly 80,000 residents of the sunshine state. Located approximately 60 miles southeast of Orlando and halfway between Jacksonville and Miami, it’s no wonder that many Melbourne residences are besieged by unwanted visitors … it’s a great place to live! Pest control in Melbourne is a year-round job for us and when we hear from our central Florida neighbors that they’ve run into an insect or rodent problem we’re happy to come to your aid and quickly resolve your pest control issue.

The subtropical, humid climate typical of this part of central Florida makes Melbourne a breeding ground for insects such as ants and Mosquitos – particularly during the summer. Melbourne averages 49 inches of rain each year during the hot, wet season (May through October) and runoff from Melbourne and the surrounding cities into the nearby Indian River Lagoon creates a perfect environment for mosquitos and the birds which often play a vital role in the movement of communicable mosquito-borne viral infections such as West Nile Disease and Eastern Equine Encephalitis. Contracting with a reputable central Florida pest control company with experience in mosquito prevention and management can not only make your outdoor living space more pleasant – it can help you avoid serious illness.

While most cities aren’t known for their tick population, ticks are common in central Florida and inviting a trained pest control professional to your property can help eliminate your risk of exposure. Trimming backyard foliage to reduce the cover ticks enjoy and sealing foundation cracks and removing cover such as wood piles to cut down on rodent population can help ensure that ticks won’t hitch a ride into your home and onto your pets or children. While it can be hard to spot these little parasites coming, careful preparation and property maintenance can be enough to ensure that you and your loved ones are never bitten by a tick.

If your property suffers from ants or rodents, we offer prevention and removal options to control those pests from invading your residential or business space. While we’re on your Melbourne, Florida property we’ll be happy to offer advice for annual maintenance and work with you to establish a plan to keep these pests at bay.

At Sunstate Pest Management we value building great relationships with our central Florida neighbors and understand that the idea of insects or rodents on your property may give you the willies. That’s why we’re here – a local, professional, reputable pest control service that can eliminate your unwanted visitors with safe, environmentally friendly techniques and products.

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