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Pest Control Myths You Should Know

There are myths about everything you come across in life. With everything from what someone says to someone else saying something different. You need to know fact from fiction when it comes to the pests that might in your home. When you go to hire a professional, you also want to make sure that they can do the right job. By being informed and knowing these myths, you can feel more confident about hiring the right company for the job, but also knowing that the pests can be removed after all.

1. Cheese on a Trap Doesn’t Entice a Mouse – Contrary to what you might believe from those cartoons, mice are more attracted to bits of food that have high sugar content. Cereal, peanut butter, sugar cubes or cookies are a better option to go with rather than cheese.
2. Not Seeing a Pest Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Have Them – A lot of pests try not to make themselves known while hiding out in your home. Many of them will come out at night when they do not hear or see anyone around. This might make you believe you do not have a pest control problem when in fact, you do. Some of the pests that do this include, but are not limited to cockroaches, bed bugs, mice and other rodents.
3. Your Cat Can Take Care of All the Rodents – This is something that so many homeowners might think. However, a cat might not be able to get the rodents. They might get one or two, they might get none, which leads you to believe there are none. This is not true. Plus, if the rodent has a disease, you’re not going to want your cat biting into it!
4. My House is Clean, So I Couldn’t Have Bed Bugs or Cockroaches – While you might keep a clean house, this does not mean that pests are not present. A lot of times they will just come in to come in. Having a clean home does not mean that it is going to keep pests out entirely, though it can reduce the chances of an infestation from happening. Bed bugs are mostly attracted to anywhere that blood is.
5. I Can Take Care of the Pest Problem Myself – While you probably can for a short period of time, this does not mean that you can keep them away forever. You want to make sure that someone professional is coming out to remove the pests and reduce the chances of having them come back again.

Speak with a professional today to find out how they can help with the pest problem you’re having in your Florida home.

02 May

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