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Pest Control Specialists in Brevard County, FL Talk About Problematic Roaches

Does it annoy you to continually see cockroaches lurking around your house? Have you tried several strategies to get rid of them? Give these ideas a few tries and see if the problem does not dissipate.

Where are They Hiding?

Cockroaches are found in the walls, under the sick and anywhere they can get into. The saying is if you see one, there is 100 more in the wall. Though this is not necessarily true. You can guarantee where there is one there will be more. Roaches will be able to hide anywhere that is dark and damp. It is not always necessary to have moisture around, but they do prefer it. Cockroaches are more nocturnal and will come out at night. They come out to find any sort of leftover morsel they can find.

Exterminate the Problem

The typical house in Florida has the species of the Florida woods cockroach. There are several species of cockroach, but location wise, Florida residents will encounter this type. Do not try chemically killing these things! This is the worst method possible. Not only can it cause a toxic environment for yourself, there are more effective strategies available.

First, you need to clean. Vacuum and wash anything that has some sort of feces on it. The feces of the cockroach attract more cockroaches so by cleaning the areas that have been soiled you are reducing the pheromones that attract other cockroaches. Keep all areas clean and clear of food and water to lessen the reasons for the roaches to exist in that area.

Check all areas of the house, including window screens. If there is any sort of crack, rip or tear anywhere it is an entrance to those pesky pests. This also includes any doors to the outside that have some sort of gaps in them. If you can feel a draft from anywhere outside, they can get in. Unless there is a screen of course. Unfortunately, cockroaches can get in by traveling in or on things from the outside in. For example, if you stomp on a cockroach it is possible the eggs can get on your shoes and be brought home through this method. If you are in an area where cockroaches are known to be, check your items closely. Once you have done all this, try using baits. This is the most effective and fast acting way to catch the little pest and eliminate them.

Of course, if you want a quicker solution, then make sure to call our pest control specialist in Brevard County, FL. We are able to come in and remove the problem before anything gets worse.


13 Oct

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