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Pests that Affect Your Cats and Dogs

According to the Washington Post, 68% of households have a cat or dog. Some have both. In this article we want to name the pests that affect your furry buddy the most. Which pests are most harmful to your faithful companion?


Fleas absolutely love cat and dog fur. The flea is able to live on the surface of the animal’s skin and be warm and hidden all at the same time. Some pets are allergic to fleas and this may result in serious reactions. Fur can fall off, breathing may be inhibited, overall it is just a miserable experience for your pet.

Fleas can lay up to 50 eggs per day. They have an enormous ability to reproduce. They have one job and that it to find a host, live on that host and reproduce.


Ticks are a little bit bigger and slower than fleas so they are easier to notice. But the trade-off is that they are deadlier. Ticks carry diseases such as Lyme disease and ehrlichiosis. The tick is very sly and will lay in wait before it bites the animal and starts feeding. Ticks get burrowed into the skin and must be removed with care.


Most people think that mosquitoes are some how only a human pest. But they attacks pets too. They bite the animal on sensitive parts of the body to extract blood. Mosquitoes transfer disease to pets just like they do to humans. Most notably, they can transfer heartworm larvae to the bloodstream of your cat or dog. Heartworms are fatal without treatment.


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