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Pests Which are Harmful to Your Pet

There are a myriad of bugs and animals which we consider pests because they make your life more difficult one way or another. Whether it be raccoons getting into your trash, squirrels getting in your attic or ants invading your kitchen, pests can really be a nuisance.

But there are a number of pests which directly affect the health and happiness of your pets. In this article we want to go over what the top pests in this category are and give a brief explanation as to why.


Any owner of a cat or dog knows about fleas. They are a really invasive parasitic insect species which spread like wild fire and cause havoc in your home. Not only do they annoy your pet with bites but they also spread disease. Fleas can cause the following ailments in your household pet:

  • anemia
  • severe skin reaction
  • intense itching
  • insomnia
  • restlessness

If left unchecked, fleas will take over a home and inflict the humans too. There are preventative measures you can take such as flea collars and shampoos. A pest control specialist can help you solve your issue as well.


The tick is also a parasite. It literally lives off the blood of other animals. They can live for years on the host animal if undetected.

Besides being a creepy nuisance, ticks spread disease. These diseases include:

Check your pet regularly for ticks especially after they spend time outdoors. You can remove ticks yourself.


The same poisonous spiders which can be a danger to you and your family are also a danger to your pet. And because your pet weighs less than most humans, the recovery period is longer and chance of morbidity is higher.

The two main spiders to be aware of are the Brown Recluse and the Black Widow or its cousin the Grey Widow sometimes called the brown widow.  Bites from these spiders will cause a serious reaction. It is a good idea to take your pet to a vet if you know that it has been bitten by one of these arachnids.


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