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do it yourself pest control don'ts

Pitfalls of DIY Pest Control

We are in the pest control business and have been for forty years. We know pests. We also know our customers. Over the years we have conversed with thousands of people who have attempted to solve their own pest problem but  failed. They then, smartly, contacted a professional.

Here are some of the problems associated with do-it-yourself pest control.

  1.  Mistakes are Inevitable: Just like any endeavor you undertake that you have no real experience in, you will make mistakes. However, in the pest control world, this can be very time consuming, financially costly and even dangerous.
  2. Difficulty Targeting the Source: Just like you may have heard with human illness, you sometimes just treat the symptoms and not the cause. If you are simply killing rodents or insects, you may never get to the source of the problem. What is causing them to be there? Where is the nest, mound, hive etc.?
  3. Tracking Pest behavior: When managing a pest problem, you have to be able to track pest behavior to tell what is going on. Is the treatment working? Should you change approach? These things are instantly known to a pest professional.
  4. You’ll Spread Harmful Pesticides: Yes, many of the substances used to kill pest can also be harmful to humans. So, it is best to know which treatment to use and where to put it. Do you have kids, pets, visitors? These factors all contribute to the decision as to what kind of treatment to use and where to place it.

When dealing with a task like removing a pest infestation, you can get in over your head. You can spend a large sum of money and time and even worse, could end up making you or your family ill.

Pest control is one of those subjects where it sounds like an easy fix, but it truly is not. Call a professional from the start. You will be glad you did.

30 Aug

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