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Preventing and Removing Boxelder Bugs Effectively

Boxelder bugs are a common pest that becomes a problem as the days grow colder in fall. When temperatures go down the bugs begin searching for a place to go to stay warm. Even if just a few of these pests make it into your home, you’ll have a serious infestation on your hands just a few weeks later as they begin to reproduce. That’s why it’s best to actively prevent them from getting in by taking these precautionary steps.

Utilize Screens

Screens are your best friend for keeping these pests out of your home, but only if they are utilized properly. Make sure every window that you have open has a good quality screen on it. Check periodically for any rips or tears in the screen, and repair them before bugs can get in through them.

It’s also a good idea to put screens over the top of any vents that go into your home. By screening off your vents you can prevent pests from entering your home through the duct system. It takes time to check all the screens around your home, and to add screens where they are missing, but it’s worth the effort to keep your home protected.

Remove Gaps

Gaps are your worst enemy when it comes to boxelders. Make sure that you are getting rid of any gaps that can be seen around your home. That means adding door sweeps to all your exterior doors to prevent them from crawling underneath. Caulk around or use foam sealant around any utility entrances throughout your home. Also look around your foundation for any cracks that could be serving as a possible entrance for these pests. Those foundation cracks need to be caulked up to make it completely impenetrable. It’s also a good idea to use caps on all of the chimneys around your home, to block off this easy means of entrance into your house.

Kill or Remove Visible Bugs

While it’s not going to stop the infestation on its own, it’s a good idea to remove any boxelder bugs that you see in your home. This helps prevent them from spreading, and could stop an infestation before it ever becomes an issue. Be on the lookout for them, and don’t allow a few bugs to hang around, because they will likely multiply.

Hire an Experienced Professional

If you have a pretty serious infestation of these pesky little bugs, you should consider getting in touch with a pest control expert. A trained professional can help you deal with the problem and get your home pest free once again.

22 Nov

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