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FL hawk and how to repel them

Preventing Hawks from Entering Your Yard

Hawks are not typically considered a traditional pest. But people with small dogs and other small pets definitely should consider them so. A hawk or other bird of prey can swoop into your yard and nab a small dog in just a few seconds. People who lose small dogs often think it ran away but there is a high probability it was taken by a hawk. Here is a list of types of hawks you find in Florida

Some people have kittens and keep other small animals as pets, such as rabbits or hamsters. They will often take them out in the yard and let them explore nature. A hawk would see this as a perfect opportunity. And you cannot blame the hawk. They are just doing what they do to try and feed themselves. The response is mechanical, automatic and reflexive.

So what can you do to ward off hawks? Here is a list we compiled.

Preventing Hawks

Scare Tape – Have you heard of this? It is a reflective tape that you can place around your home and yard. For some reason, birds of prey are repelled by shiny objects and materials. This tape is specifically made to repel these birds. You can Google the words “scare tape” to find offerings online.

Bird Spikes – These are tiny strips of metal or plastic that you can install on fence tops or trees which make it hard for a bird to find a resting location.

Scarecrow Owls – This is a fake owl that you can perch around your home. They actually serve double duty in that they help scare rodents away as well as hawks. Hawks and owls have a contentious relationship. A hawk would just rather be where an owl isn’t hunting. Order scarecrow owl here

Bird Balloons – These large beachball-like objects have large eyes painted on them and help ward off birds of all varieties. You just leave them in the yard and they do their job.

Pest Control – This is where we come into the picture. Keeping your home and yard free from pests will eliminate the reason for the bird to be there in the first place. If there are no small critters moving around in your yard then there is nothing to attract the hawk’s attention.

Remember, pest control starts at the very perimeter of your lawn. That is the first line of defense. Hiring a pest control company like Sunstate Pest to manage your home and lawn pest control care is the best thing you can do to prevent your animal from being attacked by a hawk.

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