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Preventing Roaches from Inhabiting Your Home

The famous cockroach that strikes fear into the minds of homeowners is known to live for three to four months without any food source. However, they can only live for a short period of time without a water source. Preventing an infestation from occurring is easier said than done, as there are several ways that a cockroach, commonly labeled a roach, can enter into your home and survive.

Even though a roach may seem like a harmless pest, it can actually cause conditions like asthma to occur because of the microbes that it can release into the home. The main area in a home that roaches infest is the kitchen, followed by other areas where a food supply is abundant. You may not think that the bread crumb you dropped is significant, but a roach and feed off of that and continue to survive for months afterwards, even with no food source.

Tips to Help Keep Roaches Away

Roaches seem to inhabit early on in the spring or summer, especially in warmer climates such as Brevard County Florida. They tend to hide in crevices, under appliances, and behind cupboard doors. Unfortunately for homeowners, roaches have the ability to multiply quickly causing an infestation to occur rapidly. Here are a few ways that you can eliminate the possibility of having roaches infest your home.

Take Away Food Sources – Crumbs that have been dropped on the floor or spills from beverages can attract roaches and other insects inside your home. By making sure that these things are cleaned up immediately after they occur, you can prevent it from becoming a food source for pests.

Keep Food in Containers – Airtight containers can be used to store food away and keep insects from being attracted to the smell, as the container will prevent the smell from escaping.

Store Pet Food – Leaving bowls of food out for your pet could turn into a buffet for roaches. Instead, keep the food in a container that is airtight and only provide it to your pet when needed.

Dishes – Dirty dishes that may have reminiscence of crumbs and leftovers can be another attraction for pests. Keep dishes clean, especially after meals, to prevent them from bringing in unwanted guests.

Clutter – Even though it may not be a feeding source, having clutter in your home can give roaches an easy place to hide. By removing this clutter, they will not be able to hide easily from other extermination methods.

Bait Traps – You may have already seen a cockroach or two in your home. When this occurs, set out bait traps that cockroaches are known to hide in. This may include under appliances, furniture, and in your kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

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