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Lawn pests in Central FL

Preventing Summertime Lawn Pests in Central Florida

Its late May and summer is upon us. The change of season for Central Florida isn’t as drastic as it is up north but there is still a noticeable change. It goes from being hot to really hot! It also rains a lot more and grass grows a lot faster. This in turn brings out the summer time pests.

So, to which lawn pests are we referring? These are pests that get into your soil and destroy the health of your lawn. They eat the roots, They steal the nutrients. They cause your lawn to grow brown spots.

List of Summertime Lawn Pests

  1. Grubs – These little worm create havoc on your lawn. They are actually beetle larvae which were laid at the tail end of last summer. They lay dormant all winter and come alive in the late spring and summer. They can do an awful lot of damage to your lawn so getting rid of them is imperative in the pursuit of having a nice healthy lawn.
  2. Chinch Bugs – These bugs live on the surface and often exist on neglected lawns. They chomp on the grass blades for nourishment and can take over an entire lawn in no time.
  3. Sod Webworms – Again, we have another larvae which feasts on the underside of your lawn. This time a moth is the culprit. When birds find your lawn very interesting and spend a lot of time poking into the grass, this means you very well could have a webworm infestation.

There are steps you can take which will alleviate your lawn pests. You can also do many things to prevent them. Luckily there are services which exist that can do it right the first time and save you a lot of time.

Sunstate Pest is headquartered in Rockledge Florida and operates in all of Brevard County as well as St. Cloud and Kissimmee. We handle offer lawn pest control as well as household pests and our prices are very affordable.

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