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Protecting Your Deck from Termite Infestation

Here in Florida, many people have outdoor pools, decks and recreation areas. The decks are made with wood which attracts pests that feed on it. We have written this article to help the deck owner keep their deck in top shape for as long as possible.


Starting from the beginning, the new deck owner should make sure to pick the right wood for the job.  They will want to use pressure-treated wood. This is wood that has been treated to withstand the effects of weathering. It is also resistant to pests.

If you don’t have easy access to pressure-treated wood, then use the hardest wood you can find. The tougher it is for the termite to chew the longer the deck will last.


Washing your deck down and keeping it clean is important in keeping harmful pests away. Also, make sure that the deck is sealed.

Look for nooks and crannies in the deck where insects may find shelter and begin burrowing out their holes. You can keep these areas clear by spraying with the water hose.


Termites, like every living creature on Earth, need water to survive. So, make sure there is proper drainage on your deck. If water tends to pool in any area, this could become the reservoir from which the termites drink.

Professional Pest Control

You can tell your pest control agent to treat parts of the deck where termites are most likely to attack. A licensed pest professional can treat your deck with a repellent that will keep termites from setting up shop.

27 Aug

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