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Florida rainy season bugs

Rain Causes Pests to Seek Shelter

Many of us Central Florida residents are wondering where the rain is this year. Here in Brevard County we are experiencing what is classified as a moderate drought. The classification falls right in between “abnormally dry” and ” severe drought”. You can see the current drought conditions for the whole state of Florida using this nifty drought monitor.

I personally have a feeling that the heavy rains are right around the corner. And once the sky opens it will stay open for a month straight. When you live in Florida for decades, you have seen this phenomenon occur many times. And it is important to remember that as the streets, woods and sewers become flooded, those animals will be looking for dry shelter, namely, your house.

Types of Bugs That Will Move In With You

It’s best to have an idea of what kind of bugs will be trying to share your space. When it rains a large amount, the grass becomes flooded and this causes ANTS to seek refuge. They will automatically head to higher and dryer ground. It is a survival mechanism. Cracks long your house give them plenty of room to find their way into the walls. If you have a treatment on the inside trim and corners of your house this will keep them at bay. Then after the water recedes you can have the outside treated and destroy the infestation.

Roaches already try to enter your house looking for food. But any roaches that currently resides outdoors will try to slip in and around your doorways. They are very crafty at getting in. Roach motels can keep them from spreading too quickly but a professional treatment will keep them from taking hold at all.

Termites love it damp. Damp warm weather and plenty of wood to chomp on is a termite’s idea of heaven. It is a great idea to have your house treated to prevent this destructive insect from infesting your home. Water + food = reproduction and a termite can reproduce at a staggering rate. A queen can live for 25 years and produce thousands of eggs per day. Prevention is best but if you already have termites, you can get the problem under control now. The best time to handle these issues is when it is dry.

Rodents will also be looking for dry quarters. Mice and rats carry disease and can get into, under or above your house. The attic is a favorite nesting spot for these creatures and their unsanitary ways make them a threat to humans. It is important to block any possible entrance for a rodent to get in. This means using chicken wire on necessary openings. It also means filling in holes with building material, ie, concrete, wood or mortar.

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