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Rare types of pests

As we all know, there are many types of pests that we must deal with on a regular basis.  We are all familiar with ants, roaches, fleas and rodents.  Seeing these types of pests can be annoying, but we know how to take care of them.  We don’t like them, but we are not surprised to see them.  There are, however, some pests that we are horrified to see.  And guess what?  They are already in Florida!

Ever hear of giant snails?  A snail doesn’t sound like such a threat, but you would be surprised.  These are giant African snails.  They absolutely love the hot and humid weather found in sunny Florida.  Not being native to Florida these humongous pests have found their way to Florida by people looking to keep them as pets or by unwitting people.

Anyone who has put a snail or two in an aquarium can tell you how quickly they multiply.  Before you know it, the entire glass of your aquarium has snails stuck to it.  These giant snails are no different.  They are very prolific when it comes to reproducing.  The problem comes with along with their appetite for Florida agriculture.  They are gobbling up crops like crazy.  They need to be controlled.

The love bug is another interesting pest that comes to Florida 2 times a year; once in the spring and again late summer.  These love bugs are not actually bugs at all, they are flies.  The problem with these amorous love bugs comes when they interfere with your driving abilities.  They tend to swarm around highways.  These flies will cover your windshield and car grill making it difficult to see where you are driving.  Each female has the potential to lay 100 to 350 eggs, ensuring there will be no end to their interference any time soon.

The warm weather attracts humans to Florida and it isn’t surprising that it also attracts other living species.  Many of these species just happen to cause problems when they start to overrun Florida’s habitat.  Many are introduced from other areas.  Think of all the exotic pets that have been released into the wild because they became unmanageable for their owners.  There are snakes, alligators, rodents and insects that seem cool to have as a pet but can soon become a nightmare.  The Florida weather makes it a perfect place for these exotic pets to live and thrive changing them from pets to pests.

24 Nov

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