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Rats and Mice – How They Differ

You have just discovered feces in your attic, crawlspace, garage or even worse – your house. How can you tell if it is a mouse or a rat? Being able to tell the two apart can be a bit troubling for some people. This is because different species of mouse and rat grow to be all different sizes and colors. In this article we plan to explain the difference between the two.

Rats and Mice are Different

As you probably know, the two definitely are separate species of animal. This difference is especially noticed in how each animal behaves. Both animals are rodents with a tail and are shaped similarly. Generally speaking a rat is bigger. They can get very large in fact. In cities such as New York or Chicago there have been rats which rival the size of a small house cat.

Rats have a longer, thicker tail. Their droppings are also longer and thicker as well. Generally speaking, a rat is more aggressive than a mouse.

Rat and Mouse Species

There are hundreds of species of rats and mice worldwide. But in America people most often encounter the “Norway Rat” aka “The Brown Rat”. And they will mostly encounter the appropriately named “house mouse” as well.

Baby Rat vs Adult Mouse

Some folks have asked us if a baby rat can look like an adult mouse. This is a good question. And at first glance, and to the untrained eye, yes. But you will notice the baby rat has a large head and large hindlegs. Whereas a full ground mouse will be proportionate.

Getting Rid of My Mouse or Rat Problem

Some people who have time go the do-it-yourself way and lay out rat traps and baits. Sometimes this will work and the problem will be solved. But many times, calling in a professional is the right way to go. A professional mouse control specialist will get rid of the existing problem and prevent the problem from reoccurring. That is the key to real success.

Choosing Between the Two

I suppose if you had to live alongside one or the other, a mouse would be preferable. They are smaller and less aggressive. But in the end both will cause problems for your health. Both rats and mice track feces with them. They also introduce ticks, mites and other insects to your home. If you think you have a mouse or rat problem, don’t wait to sort it out.

19 Oct

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