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Rattlesnakes in Florida

Last month we wrote two articles about snakes in Florida. Both articles were about non-venomous snakes you could find within the state. So, it is only fitting that for our third part of the snakes in Florida series, we write about the some venomous snakes. In this article we will go over both types of rattlesnakes you can find in the sunshine state.

These are the snakes you really want to keep an eye out for and avoid at all cost. If you see one in your yard call a professional to deal with it or leave it be.

Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake

This is North America’s largest venomous snake usually ranging from 3-6 feet in length. It can be found throughout the entire state of Florida and much of the east coast all the way up to the Appalachian mountains.  Unfortunately, the snake doesn’t mind coming into urban areas and it will set up shop near human inhabitants. They feed on rabbits, mice and rats. It is a good rule of thumb that anywhere you see these rodents, a venomous predator isn’t far behind.

The snake has diamond shapes all along its back and a rattle at the tip of its tail. The rattle serves as a warning to potential predators to let them know that this is indeed a rattlesnake and to STAY AWAY. The rattlesnake is considered one of the newer and most advanced snake species.

Pygmy Rattlesnake

pygmy rattlesnakeThis “other” rattlesnake is actually the smallest of the venomous snakes you will find in Florida. It is also the most commonly encountered venomous snake in Florida. It is less aggressive than its larger cousin. As its defensive/hunting tools it utilizes camouflage, a venomous bite, a small rattle, and a coiling defensive posturing. The camo is quite good and almost looks like the digital camo that the military used in the 2000’s.

The rattle is very small and can hardly be heard so it is important to wear thick gloves when gardening. These snakes can be found all over human inhabited land.

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