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Sand Flies in Palm Bay, Florida

Believe it or not, “sand flies” is a term that is used to cover any sort of fly that bites and drinks blood. This can be a mosquito, horsefly, gnat, or anything else.  They are also known by many names in Palm Bay, Florida.  You may have heard them being called sand gnats, no-see-ums or even sand fleas. You may even have heard of them called granny nippers, punkies, chitra or punky.

These flies can range in size from so tiny that you can barely see them to very large flies (such as the horse fly).  While you may think that all of these insects bite, actually they do not.  Only the females of the species bite because they need the blood that they get from their victims in order for them to get the protein they need to produce eggs.

While the bite of one of these flies can be rather irritating and may even cause a rash, the good news is that they are not poisonous. They will leave red marks that itch and the itch will be more intense than a mosquito bite and may last longer too depending on the type of fly that bites you.

All of these flies are common in Palm Bay, Florida and while you cannot expect to get rid of all of them, a good pest control service like Sunstate Pest Management will be able to treat your home and yard so that there are not as many of them to feast on you. That being said, any conditions in the yards belonging to your neighbors may be conducive to them and this means that there is always the possibility of flies coming back to your property at any time.

What you can do

If you seem to be infested with this sort of insect then the best thing that you can do is to pick up the phone and call Palm Bay, Florida’s local pest control company – Sunstate Pest Management. We will schedule an appointment for an inspection and most of the time this won’t cost you a dime. You will need to be present, though, to let the pest control technician in and explain your problem in detail. Your Sunstate technician will go over the yard and the house from front to back, top to bottom and may even climb up into the attic. He will determine the source of your problem and when he finishes the inspection he will come find you.

The pest control technician will give you the report of his findings and then help you to formulate a plan of attack.  This may include his company making an appointment to come back and spray the area or it may require many appointments for treatments depending on the severity of what he discovered.

Our best advice is to let the pest control experts do what they need to do because we are acting in your best interest (you are our neighbors after all!). Make sure that you follow any guidelines your technician leaves in order to maintain a pest free house and yard. Pest control companies in Palm Bay, Florida can be your best asset when it comes to sand flies and other invasive insects.

12 Mar

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