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Simple Steps to Reduce Cockroach Infestations

Cockroaches are a real problem in the Brevard County area. Unlike other parts of the country, in Melbourne, Florida, the weather doesn’t usually get cold enough to kill off insects. This means that dealing with cockroaches, ants, houseflies, silverfish, and other pests is pretty much a year-round endeavor. Still, there are things you can do in order to make your battle easier.

Get Rid of Hiding Spaces

Cockroaches and other pests love clutter. A pile of old newspapers or boxes sitting in the corner is like an apartment complex to them. Even if you don’t have an ample food supply around—and hopefully you have already taken steps to limit their access to food—it is simply a fact that the more clutter you have, the more pests you will have.

Go through your home or office and look for piles of papers, boxes, and other things of that sort. If they are not being used, get rid of them. Not only will your place look better, but it will be less hospitable to cockroaches and other similar pests.

Cut Down on Entry Points

Go around the perimeter of your home or office building. Carefully look at all the entry points, and that’s not just the doors and windows. Check to see if there are any gaps between boards, or around places where pipes run in and out of the building. If you find anything, seal them with a good caulk. This will keep the pests outside, and cut down on the number that you find making their way into the building.

In the case of doors and windows, check around the framing. Make sure that it is securely affixed to the building and that there are not any cracks or gaps that have developed between the boards. If there are, fill them with caulk.

Also, be sure to take a good look at your screens. As time passes, it is not uncommon for screens to develop small rips or tears. While these might look very insignificant to you, they are prime entry points for pests. If you do find holes, you can usually patch them with screen repair tape, available at most home improvement centers. If you cannot patch them, then it’s time to replace the screen.

You don’t have to settle for life with pests swarming around you. By taking these steps you can help reduce their population in your home or office.

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