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Snakes in Florida Part 2

If you live in Florida and like snakes, congratulations, because Florida is one of the best U.S. states to find snakes. The warm climate and wide open expanses of marshland cause snakes to thrive here. Also, their food supply, which usually consists of smaller creatures, is in great supply as well.

If you do not like snakes, and you consider them a pest, Florida’s abundant snake supply is not something you enjoy. Perhaps try these natural remedies for repelling snakes.

In this article we will list some of the more common snakes in Florida.

Scarlet King: This snake is non-venomous but often times gets confused with the dangerous and venomous coral snake. This snake is very passive and will not attack unless heavily provoked. It may very well have adapted its look to “piggy-back” off of the coral snakes reputation. People usually see this snake and run the other way.

Check out the image to the left to get an idea of exactly what this snake looks like. And if you see any snake, it is best to leave it alone and not try to figure out what species it is or if it is venomous or not. Leave that to the experts.

Rainbow Snake: This snake is very common in the southeastern United States. It loves warm and moist climates. These snakes are very private and spend most of their lives hiding in vegetation and in bodies of water. They are great swimmers and often hide in mud as well.

They are non-aggressive and actually most likely will not attack even when cornered. It is best to call your pest control specialist if you have a problem with snakes in your yard. Your safety is paramount.

Florida Pine Snake: Even though its name is Florida Pine Snake, you can find this snake throughout the southeastern United States all the way up to New Jersey.

This snake is non-venomous but can attack if provoked. It possess a handful of warning behaviors such as producing a rattling sound as well as smacking its body against nearby objects. The rattle is produced in its epiglottis which can vibrate.

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