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Spiders Commonly Found in Melbourne, Florida Homes

Did you know that there are over 900 species of spiders that are native to the Melbourne, Florida area?  How many of them have you run into?  Better yet, how many types do you think there are living in your home with you right now?

Today we are going to take a look at some of the spiders that are native to the central Florida area and we’ll also discuss what a pest control company can do to help keep your home spider free.

Widow Spiders

2 of the poisonous spiders found in Florida are widow spiders.  They are they Southern black widow and the brown widow.  Both of these types of spiders can be found in or around buildings. There are actually 4 types of widow spiders found in Florida and while the “red widow” is also found in Melbourne, Florida it is generally found in scrub or sand habitats. Each of these spiders have a neurotoxin that they deliver to their victims through bites. Although death from this type of bite is relatively uncommon, it does occur ~5% of the time … mostly in small children and those with pre-existing medical conditions.

Recluse Spiders

Although research has not been able to find any breeding population of this type in Florida, there have been at least 3 types of recluse spiders found in or around Melbourne, Florida.  They are the Mediterranean Recluse, Brown Recluse and Chilean Recluse.  This type of spider is also venomous and delivers a cytotoxin through its bite. This will cause cells to be affected and can cause necrosis to the tissues surrounding the bite, causing the tissue to die. While it isn’t deadly, this type of bite will take a very long time to heal.

Those are the two poisonous types of spiders that are to be found in and around Melbourne, Florida.

Crab Spiders

This type of spider is unique in that it does not spin a web.  Out of the 4 sets of legs, the first two are longer than the second two.  They are also stronger.  This spider catches its prey by using the speed that these legs provide. They combine their ample speed with an uncanny ability to camouflage themselves.

Fishing Spiders

While this type might look scary because of its size, they are not poisonous to humans.  These spiders actually catch and drag small amphibians and fish from the edge of the water to eat them.  They also eat aquatic insects. While fishing spiders generally make their homes around the water, Melbourne, Florida residents should be aware that one species called the Whitebanded fishing spider has been known to take up residency in and around homes that are nowhere near the water.

Pest Control   

Now that you know a bit about a few of the spiders to be found in the Melbourne, Florida area, you need to know that any time you have a problem with this arachnid you can call on Sunstate Pest Management to assess your situation and deal with the problem safely and effectively.

25 Feb

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