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Springtime is When Ants Start Marching

You may notice in March and April there is more ant activity around your house. You have gone the entire winter months of December through February and haven’t noticed any ant activity. Then one day you see a single ant on the countertop. You smash the ant and think “problem solved.” What you may not know is that that ant was just one of hundreds of scout ants.

Scout ants are sent out on semi-random patterns to look for a food source. Once they find food they take a small piece of it and head back to the nest, leaving a scent trail along the way. The food will be analyzed and consumed by the other ants at the nest.  He and other ants can now return to the food source and work on securing the rest of it.

Having food lying around will reinforce the arrival of  more ants. This is why it is important to sweep often and to keep leftover food in storage containers. If not then your home is a double treat for ants because not only does it serve as a food source, but also as a shelter from the hot sun and rain storms.

Ultimately, ants hibernate in the winter months. When spring comes around they are ready to expand and eat. The queen gets busy making ants by the hundreds and energy is needed to keep the process going.

If you are doing everything you can to prevent ants from being in your house but are still seeing them it is suggested that you hire a professional. A professional pest control management company can take the necessary steps to eliminate your problem. The first step is identifying the ant infestation. Then a plan is crafted based on the size of the infestation. The professional can then employ baits, sprays and deterrents to eliminate and prevent further infestation.

22 Mar

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