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Stay Away from Ticks This Summer

Keeping yourself away from ticks is always an ideal thing to do. Not only can these little bugs carry diseases, but they can mean a lot of other problems for the host that is carrying them. Keep in mind, humans are not the only ones that they can attach to and infect. Pets and other animals are also likely to have them stuck to them when treading through some of the tallest grasses, especially when the weather is warm and moist.

Here are some great guidelines that you can follow this summer, and even fall that will help prevent ticks from attacking you and your pets.

  1. Keep Grass Low and Maintained – Ticks like to spend time in tall grass throughout the yard. When you’re able to keep this grass low and maintained, you’re better off because the ticks are not going to want to live in shorter grass, or where there are no weeds for them to hide in.
  2. Use Tick Spray – When it comes to ticks, if you spray in the grass and on your body, then you’re better able to keep them away from your skin overall. This is always a good thing, since you’re also keeping away other bugs that might be deemed as pests, such as mosquitos.
  3. Wear Long Clothing – Covering your skin can be a beneficial way to keep ticks from burrowing into your skin. You want to make sure that you’re covered in all of the areas that matter, such as on your feet and legs and even your arms if you’re going to be in the woods. Cover up and keep your skin away from the tall grass.
  4. Speak with a Professional – Pest control specialists are out there and they can provide you with other ways to stop the spread of ticks throughout your yard. If you live by woods, then having them come out as a precaution, even if you do not see them can be a great way to prevent them from coming out in the first place.

When it comes to preventing ticks this summer, you need to make sure that you’re following the proper guidelines. Ticks can be nasty pests to have throughout the yard, and they can easily spread diseases since they feed off of blood. Don’t let them get you when the time comes, and always protect yourself against the problems that you might face when they’re in the yard.

27 Aug

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