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where the ocean meets the land Melbourne Florida

beachside bugs

Bugs Common to Beach Areas

Insect and animal existence is very much determined by their environment. Many often have evolved to thrive in a particular environment. Alligators and Crocodiles evolved to inhabit warm, shallow water climates for example. They lie in wait, for hours, hoping for a small unsuspecting creature to come along and when the time is right they […]

03 May
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An Albino Dolphin was Spotted HERE!

An albino bottlenose dolphin sighting is extremely rare!  It’s so rare that only 15 documented sightings have been recorded since the 1960’s.  That’s about one sighting every three plus years.  The latest sighting was spotted right here in Brevard County’s own Indian River Lagoon. A volunteer from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission not […]

14 Jan
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