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a spider that can bite humans and animals and release highly-venomous substance in the process; black widows have black bodies with red markings

I Think There’s a Black Widow Spider Living in My House!

If you think there is a Black Widow spider in your house don’t play around. This is one of the few spiders in Melbourne, Florida that can hurt you even if you aren’t sensitive to spider bites. Black Widow spiders are dangerous and nasty. Though generally they shy away from humans if they believe they […]

10 Jun
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All about the Black Widow Spider

The black widow is one of the most terrifying spiders around.  The “popular belief” is that one bite from a black widow spider will drop you dead.  They are thought to mate and kill, and have been used as a basis for terrifying movies about deadly, psychotic women.  These spiders are simply the stuff of […]

29 Oct
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