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to completely get rid of destructive insects that attack people, crops, food, livestock, etc

Most common pest complaints in Melbourne FL

Top Ten Pest Complaints in the Melbourne Florida Area

Melbourne City in Florida is one of the most desirable places to live in because of its summer weather. However, this beautiful weather comes along with common household pests that you have to deal with. The warm temperature and humidity offer the ideal environment for creepy crawlers to thrive in. Even though some of these […]

09 Nov
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termite vs carpenter ants

How You Can Tell the Difference Between Carpenter Ants and Termites

Both carpenter ants and termites are bad news for your home. This is because both insects cause damage to wood structures. Most every home today has wood in its structure. So, obviously you want to keep these two insects as far away from your home as possible. Many times, the layman can confuse a termite […]

18 Mar
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Restaurant pest control Brevard County Melbourne

Protecting Your Restaurant from Pests

As well as treating many homes in Brevard County, Sunstate Pest also treats a large number of businesses as well. One type of business in particular is especially attractive to pests. Restaurants are a beacon for any living organism. The place offers shelter, food and water. As the temperatures can creep down into the 30’s […]

28 Jan
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Planting fall crops

If you’ve got a green thumb or simply like to eat fresh autumn vegetables, you probably starting to plan fall crop garden.  October in Florida is perfect for planting items such as broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, carrots and radishes.  Planting a fall garden requires effort, diligence and forethought.  It would be a shame to have […]

04 Sep
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Got Squirrel Problems?

Nothing aggravates a bird lover any more than looking out at their bird feeders to see the squirrels getting into the food.  There are reports of squirrels chewing through electrical wires and causing power outages, making nests (and huge messes) in the attic, or shredding through insulation to have babies. In Florida, there are three […]

24 Jul
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