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bugs that are able to fly on their own, by using a set of wings

fleas bite and feed on blood

What Bit Me? – Identifying Bug Bites

Almost anywhere you go on Earth you will have to deal with bugs. And a portion of these bugs are biters. Most of them don’t bite for the thrill of it. They felt threatened in some way and reacted in self-defense. Conversely, some bugs may bite you because they want to feast on your blood. […]

04 Jun
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Dragonfly Facts

Last summer, several areas of Florida were overwhelmed with dragonflies!  In one story, residents of Broward and Palm Beach County reported that they were not only out in force, but sometimes literally covered bushes or areas of standing water.  Known sometimes as the “mosquito hawk”, these creatures voraciously eat pesky critters like mosquitoes.  But there […]

02 Feb
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Are Ladybugs Helpful Bugs?

There are some people who absolutely refuse to kill ladybugs.  If they find them inside, they will gently move them outside so as not to harm them.  For more than a thousand years, ladybugs have a reputation for being “helpful” bugs.  In medieval times, ladybugs were thought to be sent from heaven in order to […]

05 Aug
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