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insects that jump around and live in the grass of fields.

Grasshoppers in Florida

Floridians has some pretty spectacular insects.  You have to go looking for most of them, but it’s hard to miss the Eastern Lubber grasshopper. The Eastern Lubber or Romalea Guttatta is probably the most well-known grasshopper in the Southeastern United States and is the largest variety.   Even though their colors can vary, they usually have […]

11 Jul
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How Do Grasshoppers Produce Sound?

Male grasshoppers will make a singing sound by rubbing a hind leg against one of their hard forewings. The rough leg causes the wing to vibrate and make a sound, almost like a bow playing a cello. Grasshoppers and orthopterans in general, produce sounds to attract mates or protect their territories. Grasshoppers can be identified […]

09 Jul
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